The trends in web design forever change, while my focus in the recent years has been on offline work, I have done a great deal of interface design across platforms with ad agencies and companies. I am including some samples here – some of which date 10 years, but were important part of my work and learning process.

These are some newsletters that I created while working with in 2007.

In 2006  I spent a great deal of time working as a freelance designer with a number of ad agencies around New York. Atmosphere BBDO, WeightWatchers, RMG Connect  were some of the agencies with whom I worked during this time as a web (UI), production, or just plain designer. While I have only a handful of samples from those days, I worked on campaigns for large corporations Рsuch Targe, movile phone companies, UPS, HSBC and many others. These are some older on which I was involved during this time.

Around the same time I worked with Zagat survey online to redesign their transitional website, here are some templates on which I worked. Again, the design now dates 10 years, but it is a functional website, where usability and readability was the most important aspect.